Engineering is at the heart
of our business.

By providing everything required to plan, design, build, inspect, and certify entirely new sites, tower replacements, or site modifications globally, our engineering teams help solve your most challenging and pressing engineering problems. 

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Advanced Structural Engineering

You will require a detailed structural analysis whenever you want to modify your tower to accommodate a change of use or equipment. Our structural engineering division employs some of the sharpest minds in the business. It can undertake all the necessary structural engineering work required to ensure your tower, mount, or equipment support structure can deliver the performance and reliability needed for the equipment it carries.

Services include:

  • Tower and mount analysis
  • Tower and mount modification design
  • Foundation designs
  • Platform and rooftop designs

Civil Engineering Leadership

The planning and design of new and modified tower and facilities infrastructure requires extensive knowledge and experience with A&E services. Licensed in all 50 states, our engineering team provides the professional and administrative services you will need to complete your macrocell, small cell, DAS, and facilities design projects, no matter how diverse or challenging the site conditions.

Services include:

  • Zoning & construction drawings
  • Utility coordination
  • Power calculations
  • Site walks & audits
  • 1A/2C surveys
  • Environmental services

Critical Construction Analysis

When your tower or equipment upgrades require the use of gin poles or the removal and replacement of structural members or guy wires, you will need the services of an experienced and certified engineering team to deliver your Class IV rigging plans. We are fully qualified to provide Class IV reviews for any of your special engineered lifts, tower decommissioning and demolition projects, foundation modification, and other unique engineering situations.

Services include:

  • Class IV rigging plan analysis
  • Gin pole design and certification


Every business is different. That’s why our program management teams exist to ensure that we exceed your unique engineering requirements.