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Governed by industry standards and federal regulations, tower owners and operators must inspect their infrastructure as often as is necessary to ensure safety. We will deploy our highly skilled teams to inspect your water tanks, monopoles, self-supporting towers, guyed towers, stealth poles, and rooftops, and broadcast towers worldwide so that you can focus on service delivery and customer satisfaction. 




Condition and Maintenance

Regular condition assessments and maintenance prolong the life of a communications tower and are a vital lifecycle consideration for tower owners and operators. Our inspection and maintenance teams identify tower structural deficiencies and develop recommended corrective action and safety plans on your monopole, guyed/self-support towers, rooftops, and water tanks.

Services include:

  • TIAs
  • Corrosion mapping
  • Leg scoping
  • Guy anchor rod inspections
  • Tension, twist, and plumb check & adjustment
  • Guy wire replacement
  • Site grounding repairs

Modifications Made Easy

When a tower needs to be modified, we have the experience and capability to design, fabricate, and install tower and monopole upgrade components. Our in-house licensed/registered structural engineers accurately and efficiently perform structural analyses to identify required modifications. In addition to engineering, we provide fabrication and installation of upgrade components.

Services include:

  • Modification design and detailing
  • Material fabrication
  • Tower upgrade material, antenna, and transmission line installation
  • Tower steel modifications
  • Antenna/mount Installations

End-to-End Mapping

Our highly-trained and safety-certified inspection personnel perform a full range of field mapping services for special, scheduled, or pre-modification analysis when existing tower or facility drawings are unavailable or incomplete. All of our mapping inspections result in a comprehensive CAD mapping report.

Services include:

  • Tower & structure
  • Foundation
  • Pre-modification
  • Line and antenna
  • Rooftops
  • Unique structures (steeples, bell towers, cupolas, parking decks)
  • Mounts
  • Drones

Materials Testing

During the project construction phase, construction materials testing (CMT) ensures that all design specifications are met by testing and observing the performance of concrete, rebar, and soils. soils, masonry, steel, and asphalt. We provide comprehensive onsite and laboratory-based CMT as part of our tower engineering services for new build and modification projects.

Services include:

  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Asphalt grout sampling and testing
  • Laboratory testing of concrete and soil
  • Non-destructive testing of concrete and timber

Innovative Drone Services

To help tower companies improve safety and improve the efficiency of their operations, We offer a drone inspection program that provides new, quicker, and competitive solutions to problems that in the past have required a more extensive effort. Drone applications are still in the early adoption phase. We are working closely with the communications tower industry and tower owners and their engineering partners to define the best practices and the correct balance between drone capabilities and traditional human inspection services.


Every business is different. That’s why our program management teams exist to ensure that we exceed your unique engineering requirements.