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Mount Engineering Matters

It only takes some expensive, and strikingly similar equipment failures to get an industry’s attention. Following antenna mount failures during the initial stages of the 4G roll-out, the industry immediately looked for answers. 

Customer Focus Always Wins

When Jeff Arthur joined ETS in 2014 to set up the company’s structural engineering division, he was already a seasoned professional, having worked in the telecoms engineering, oil, gas, electrical, and renewable energy industries.

Fall Zone Rigging Plan Hits the Mark

When Anoka, MN-based Rothmeyer TEC started preparing for a 300’ tower decommissioning project, they turned to Engineered Tower Solutions for a fall zone rigging plan.

Small Cell 5G Build-Out Continues

Since the beginning of the 5G roll-out, small cell deployments have helped expand wireless coverage so that cellular networks can get closer to the end-users and reach as many of them as possible.

The Importance of Quality Management

When Geoff Bost co-founded ETS 2012, the business strategy focused entirely on customer acquisition and retention. Little time was spent defining back-office quality assurance processes and procedures.

Buzzing Around with Drone Inspections

There’s plenty of talk around the use of drones for tower and site inspections. We recently received a call to inspect a storm-damaged tower that was considered unsafe for a hands-on inspection. Using a drone...