Small Cell 5G Build-Out Continues

Since the beginning of the 5G roll-out, small cell deployments in the right of way in the form of modified traffic posts, light posts, and concealed installations have helped expand wireless coverage so that cellular networks can get closer to the end-users and reach as many of them as possible.

Led by A&E Department Manager Adam Smith, ETS works closely with carriers and their deployment contractors to deliver the detailed structural analysis and construction drawings needed before any new installations can be built.

“Small cell deployments continue to be a great tool to overlay macro coverage for a carrier, and our A&E services, which include self-performing FAA 1A letter and O-Calc pole analysis certifications, help differentiate our service offering with customers”, says Smith. “By self-performing the 1A letter analysis, we can save our customer time and money as they don’t need to hire a surveyor of their own.”

Additionally, ETS is gaining support from city and municipal planning departments for its detailed traffic control plans that contractors use to guide and protect traffic passing through or around a work zone.

“Satellite imagery overlaid with detailed drawings gives planners and contractors a much clearer picture of how the traffic control plan will be structured and implemented,” adds Smith. “Providing this with the construction drawings makes for a complete package for the contractor to start work. “